What is Edge Grain?

Answer: (Vertical grain, edge grain) A method of preparing flooring planks that creates the appearance of long parallel grain lines. The growth rings intersect the surface of the plank at between 45 to 90 degrees, instead of flatsawn, plainsawn patterns.

What is Milling?

Answer: The process by which rough lumber is smoothed and shaped. One basic process is called S4S which means surfaced on four sides, S4S processing will smooth all four sides with no special profile.

What is Rough Lumber?

Answer: Refers to lumber fresh from the saw and will show a general rough surface appearance from being processed by the saw blades.

What is our Shipping Capability?

Answer: As production cycles become shorter, fast delivery is becoming a necessity. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to maintaining the ability to ship our products on a just-in-time basis.

Whether we are shipping across town, across the country or the ocean, all of our lumber is properly packaged for the journey to the customers exact specifications.

Our experienced shipping and receiving team is ready to take care of all your shipping needs via truck, container or railcars.

What is Kiln Drying?

Answer: A process by which moisture is removed from wood with heat and dehumidification. This ensures the wood can easily acclimate to a building interior and avoid excessive shrinkage.

What is the Calculation for Square Feet?

Answer: A calculation of the area to be covered by plank flooring. From your room or plans multiply the length of the area in feet by the width of the area in feet to arrive at the square footage figure. When ordering plank flooring, it is common practice to add an additional 10% allowance to the area to be covered.

Are You Able to Do Custom Work?

Answer: At Fitzpatrick & Weller we do offer custom packages on many of our products.

Please contact us for a quote, or call us at 1-716-699-2893.


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