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Fitzpatrick & Weller
Fitzpatrick & Weller

Fitzpatrick & Weller
12 Mill Street
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Ellicottville, New York 14731
Phone 716-699-2393
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Fitzpatrick & Weller is proud to accept Visa on our web site. Fitzpatrick & Weller is proud to accept Mastercard on our web site.
Fitzpatrick & Weller is proud to accept American Express on our web site.Fitzpatrick & Weller is proud to accept PayPal on our web site.

Fitzpatrick & Weller is proud to use UPS for your shipping needs.

Wet green lumber  Lumber (Green)

After destickering and inspection, we can offer standard surfacing services, as well as SLR1E, Gang Ripping, Finish Surfacing, Special Sorts and Export Preparation. Additionally, by coordinating with our modern Dimension Operation we can offer partially or fully machined parts to your specifications. We can ship across the state or around the world by truck or container. We are pleased to offer full loads of a given item or mixed trucks as required.

 sorting for shippment Grading & Sorting Special Sorts

If interested in purchasing this service please contact sales at Phone: 1-716-699-2393 or use our contact page link to get a quote.

Forest Stewardship Council
FSC products available upon request

Made in the USA

ALL PRODUCTS are Made in the USA, using Eco-Friendly processes

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